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18 Favourite Songs from 2018

bts music1

  1. BTS – Fake Love (Rocking Vibe Remix)
  2. Sunmi – Siren
  3. BTS – Euphoria
  4. BTS – I’m Fine
  5. Panic! At The Disco – High Hopes
  6. Queen – Bohemian Rhaposdy
  7. BTS – Airplane Pt.2
  8. Young The Giant – Art Exhibit
  9. Conan Gray – Generation Why
  10. Leoniden – People
  11. BTS – Magic Shop
  12. Radwimps – Sparkle
  13. Troye Sivan – Fools
  14. RM – moonchild
  15. Aurora – Queendom
  16. HEAVN – Fortitude
  17. Wardruna – Helvegen
  18. Black Sabbath – Solitude

I’d love to know if you like any of these songs? And what were your favourite songs from 2018? Even though there is a lot of k-pop, specifically BTS, on my list, I’d say that I have a very diverse music taste. I’m always curious to find a new artist, sound or mv that I haven’t heard of before! So please leave some recommendations!

Love, Epi

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Calm Places and New Places

It’s my second night at my new place. FINALLY!

The past few weeks I was restless. Without a place of my own, my stuff packed away in boxes for the past months, I felt a little trapped and so I couldn’t wait to move into my own space again.

Until this move could happen there were some hurdles to overcome. A few things didn’t go according to plan and we were joking about how it was a bad omen. Even last week I didn’t quite believe that I’d be here after the weekend. But everything went really well on the moving day and now I’m here. The boxes are slowly being unpacked. Everything has to find it’s new place now and it will take a bit to fully settle in, but I’m being optimistic. I feel welcomed and calm here.

And I can’t wait to explore the neighbourhood when it’s not raining so much!

As I said, before the move I felt restless. I decided to make a video that would calm me down. Nature & natural sounds is what I like and what makes me calm. So I wanted to shared it along with this post. I hope you enjoy.

Love, Epi

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Picture Diary: Autumn Mood

Throughout all the hot summer days, I’ve been waiting for this!

The rainy, misty, foggy, the cold and dark autumn days.


A few weekends ago, we made our way to the forest, to the rocks, while the tops of the trees were surrounded by a layer of fog. There is a mystical and spooky atmosphere when the forest is dipped in a soft grey, almost seethrough, but not quite.

Legend has it, that way back in the day, giants were fighting and throwing rocks at each other. That’s how the rocks found their way into the middle of the forest.

Whether you believe the legend or not, proven is that celtic and germanic tribes used to worship the rocks as cult site. It was meeting point as well as dwelling place.


We used to visit the rocks often when I was younger. Mainly in the Spring and Summer to play and have barbecues there. I’ve never been there in Autumn, but I’m so glad we went there despite the weather..

The atmosphere in the forest was amazing! The fog surrounding the trees, the raindrops on the leaves, the cold vibes of the rocks, it was magical and wonderful. I think the weather created a wonderful mood, a mood that can’t quite be captured with a camera. Nontheless, I think that it is this moody atmosphere that makes the pictures what they are. I hope you like them as much as I do!


Love, Epi

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Seasons Change

Again, long time no read.

To me it’s crazy how time flies. Lots of thing happened since my last post. Summer went by in a blink and autumn is changing to cold dark winter days here.

With summer ending, my city chapter ended. I no longer live in my pretty city flat. I quit my job, because it made me so unhappy. Even though I love the city, it seems it wasn’t the right time and place for me to be. The move was a long, uneasy, kinda sad process. And in the end I was just happy to close the chapter and try to look back on the good memories only.

With autumn coming, I started a master program, so I am back at university. As the seasons change, me life is slowly changing as well. One by one, there are new places, new courses, new subjects to study, new people to meet. With winter coming, I hope I will have settled into my new place and find my new routine.

Maybe, with a new structure and my happiness slowly coming back to my life, I hope I’ll be able to create more, to share more.. and not abandon my blog and other projetcs for months until I find my way back to them.

For now, I’ll be leaving some vlogs from summer. Feel free to tell me what you have been up to! I’d love to know!

Hopefully, see you soon!

Love, Epi

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What I am up to..

Hey everyone, long time no read.. I guess.

I know I have abandoned this blog for a bit. Actually, for almost a year. To be honest I just focused on other stuff. So the past year in short form:

move, work experience, exploring the city, summer on the balcony, walks through the fields, figuring stuff out, autumn walks, new work/school, long nights and cozy winter days in, starting new projects, new year, same city, still figuring stuff out

Of course there is much much more to it, but this is just a short overview for anyone who was wondering. Some of the projects I have focused more on are photography and videos. My instagram has been my portfolio for a while now and a few months ago I started a youtube channel. Since I feel bad about abandoning my blog, I thought why not combine all of it here. So in the future I’ll keep you all updated about new videos and hopefully find the time to share my photography here as well!

If you are interested to find out more of what I have been up to and what’s been going through my mind the past weeks, I’ll like some of my recent videos for you to have a look. If you happen to watch them, any kind of comment or feed back is highly appreciated!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Love, Epi

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Picture Diary: June Recap

Here is a recap of my June. Looking back at it, a lot happened during the last month. So I will be sharing a few pictures and write a little about my month. Click on the images for the full picture. Also listen to my fav songs in the playlist below while reading!


At the beginning of the month my sister and I had lots of time to go for walks and explore the city on the weekends. We went to a flea market and got some really cool stickers. You can find the artist on instagram @slingaillustration. We also had some veggie burgers and wedges. These were the best potato wedges I’ve had in a long time. I think we should go there again soon!


Over the long holiday weekend, we went home to visit the family. Even though our train ride was along some beautiful fields, we were so happy when we finally arrived. After missing one of our trains and taking a detour, we were so tired when we finally came home late at night. The next day we went to a family gathering at a lake. The weather was so warm that day! We had food and lots of nice talks.


The rest of that weekend I spent going on walks with my mum and the doggy, and cuddled the cat. I might make another post about this, because I took quite a few pictures. We also went to see our aunt’s chicken. They were so cute and really curious. They came up to us and we could cuddle them. But they soon got bored of us, because we didn’t have any food for them!

The weekend went by super quick and we were back in the city in a blink. After that there was work and lots of things to do. So we didn’t do that much the rest of the month.


However we went to a summer concert from the choir our friends are part of. The concert had a nordic theme. The choir had such amazing harmonies and they had professional musicians playing the instuments. They also created sounds with galsses filled with water. It was very impressiv. That night it was storming outside, which created such a great mood and fitted the atmosphere of the concert super well! I hope we will be able to go to more concert and explore more when we have more time during summer.

On another note, I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ll be doing the rest of the year. It is quite nerve wrecking to deal with these things all the time, but I try not to lose my hope that I will find the right way for me. Maybe it’s the time now for me to finally do what I’ve been wanting to do all along. That’s what I’m working on right now.

I’m excited what the second half of the year will bring for me. I hope there will be many good moments that are worth sharing!

Thanks for reading. What have you been up to the past month? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Epi

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May Favourites


The weeks are passing by so quickly.. where did almost half the year go?! That the weeks are passing quickly has probably to do with the fact that I’m actually busy doing stuff and not sitting at home all day. On one hand this is really good, because it means I am productive and not just procrastinating.. On the other hand, it also means the time is passing by ~ and I haven’t really done many of the things on my to-do list for this year. It’s not like I need to check off everything on this list, but there is just so much I want to do, though never seem to get to.

At least I’m managing to make a favourites post this time! And there’s a playlist with all my favourite songs from May. So please enjoy listening to the songs while reading. And let me know what songs you’ve been into recently!


As always, a tea favourite first. This time it’s loose tea from a supermarket. I never noticed you could fill up the tea of your choice at the supermarket, but at the Kaufland in my area there is a tea bar. There are many interesting flavours and I hope I can try more soon. So far I’ve tried the Green Tea Cappucino Caramell which is so nice!


I’ve wanted a Fjäll Räven Kanken for such a long time and I finally got one! It’s the Re-Kanken in Ox Red and I love it so much! I really like the dark red colour and the fact that it’s made from recycling material makes it even better. Even though the backpack does not look that big, it can fit a lot. It easily fits an A4 size notepad and a 1 liter bottle. It has a little pocket in the front with a zipper for easy access and a little pocket on each side. It also has an integrated pocket in the back of the main pocket, where you could store a laptop. I’ve been using my Fjäll Räven nonstop and I feel like I will use it for a long time!


I got this shirt from RedBubble at the beginning of the year. Since it has been really warm the past weeks, I could wear it a lot. For all those fangirls & boys out there, you know what this shirt is about (~^_^~) What I really like about the shirt is the simple design and the fact that not everyone immediately know what it’s about. I also really like the mix of English/Korean on the shirt, I think it looks nice. For everyone who hasn’t got any clue what this shirt is about.. just look at my next favourite!


A music favourite that I couldn’t include in my playlist and also deserves a mention here is BTS’ 血、汗、淚 (Blood, Sweat & Tears) Japanese Version. I love both the korean and japanese version of the song. I’ve watched the mv for the korean version 피 땀 눈물 so many times, because it is just beautiful and aesthetic and artsy af. When the japanese version came out, I watched that one many times as well. Both mv’s have amazing cinematography. The korean version has a more classy vibe, while the japanese version is more grungy. I’m still not really sure about the entire story and meaning behind the WINGS concept, but I guess we’ll never really find out. Let’s say the story and theories are up for interpretation and the fandom is doing a really good job. Plus I find the concept really inspiring.

Apparently this mv is the last one for th WINGS era and the storyline has ended now. I am really excited to see what BTS comes up with next!


Can I call this one a beauty favourite? I am not sure and I don’t think this category will be featured too often, since I don’t try too many beauty related products. However I’ve been loving the Face and Body Cleanser from Lush. The one I have is calles Let the Good Times Roll and it smells like sweet popcorn. It even has popcorn in it. It seems a little pricy, but you get a lot of use out of the product. I’ve been using mine for over two months and the small sized container is still about 70% full. I use it mainly to clean my face. It rubs off all the dead skin and oil, but is very gentle. My skin feels fresh and soft after using it.


As I told you before, it’s been super warm here the past few weeks. And I am so glad that our flat has a balcony! The balcony is facing North-East towards the backyard. It seems a bit unfortunate at first, because there is only the morning sun to enjoy there. But these days when it was really hot we could sit on the balcony in the shade. It was like the balcony was our living room, we drank coffee, listened to music and read our books in the afternoon. I am not a summer person, because the heat makes me exhausted, but being able to spent the time on our balcony made it bearable.

So far for my May favourites. I still can’t believe it’s month 6 out of 12 already. I hope we can all spend the second half of the year well. And maybe have some summer adventures soon?!

Thank you for reading so far. Let me know what your favourites in the month of May were! Read you soon!

Love, Epi

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Picture Diary: May Days


Another month is almost over, I started working again, the gras has turned green, the bloom is over, the hot days have arrived. Not slow and steady as I would have liked it, but from one week to another, Summer was here. One week I had to wear my winter coat, because the wind was freezing, and after the weekend even a shirt was too warm.


Luckliy my place has a balcony. So when it’s too warm, I can sit on the little balcony in the shade. So I’ve been spending many of the past days there, reading Murakami and drinking cold coffee.


I am trying to be more active on my blog. So I want to post more pictures and life updates. I also want to share more of the things I do and create, especially my art and journals. So look forward to more artsy posts in the future!


Again, I haven’t managed to make a favourites post for April. My new work has kept me busy and I was uninspired. However there is a playlist for April and you can go listen to it, if you like! If you do, let me know what you think about it.

Leave a comment and tell me how your May has been so far? Is Summer there yet where you live?

Have a great week!

Love, Epi

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Picture Diary: Spring Days

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve moved to a new place, I’m getting used to it well and I’ve been exploring with my sister. Since I moved, the seasons changing has been very beautiful and I’ve taken so many pictures of cherry trees, blossoms and sunsets.


Sadly, the blooming is already over and most of the cherry blossoms have fallen off the trees already. But even the fallen petals are beautiful and look like natures’ confetti, to celebrate the coming of the warm days.


Even though after the easter weekend it has been very cold and windy, I’m waiting for the warm days to come. When the sun is out, waking up the flowers, painting the grass and trees green!


Do you enjoy the Spring Season as well? Let me know what Spring is like in your part of the world, or what season you have right now!

Love, Epi

P.S. Down below you can find my March Playlist. Since I didn’t make a favourites post, I thought I’d just include the playlist here. Listen to it and have another look at the pictures. In my opinion, many of the songs compliment the mood of Spring!

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Appreciation Post: Home

Soon, I’ll be moving on!

It’s not only a metaphorical moving on, but a literal one. I’ll be moving out of home once again, to a new place and a new start. Since this is not my first time moving away from home, I’ve come to appreciate many of the little things that I used to take for granted before. Ever since I’ve come back home, and even more in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed this. As the time for moving on comes closer, I find myself consciously thinking about these things and trying to appreciate all the little moments. So I wanted to create something like a written snapshot as a kind of reminder and something I can look back on.

What I always miss the most when I’m not home is my family and our family pets. Sure, with all the different ways to connect, it’s easy to stay in contact, but it’s just not the same! Sharing daily coffee, snacks & talks is almost a tradition in my family. We all love sitting in the kitchen, spending time together chatting and laughing. And the pets are just part of the family, so I miss them just as much. I spent so much time walking and playing with the doggy, and while I’m here my bed seems to be one of the cats’ favourite places. I sometimes wonder about it, but my attachment to the animals is just the same as to the rest of my family!

As you can see in my picture diaries, I’ve spent a lot of time outside walking through the fields and forest. During my teenage years I really disliked the area where I live, because there is nothing here! Nothing but hills, wide fields and trees, trees, trees… By now I appreciate the beauty and tranquility of the nature that surrounds the place that I call home. Others travel to spend their vacation in such areas, while I have this kind of place outside my front door. Though there are a lot of inconveniences connected to living in such a remote area, I can also see and enjoy the advantages by now.

Another aspect I really like and appreciate by now is that everything is so familiar. I used to be so bored by it all.. all the same places, buildings, streets, faces. But after living in unfamiliar cities, it’s a reassuring feeling to come home where everything is still the same. Where I know the names of the places and people living nearby. Where I don’t need to use navigation to go or drive around. Where I know all the shortcuts and secret places. Where I can stroll through the forest without getting lost. Where the rooms in our house still look the same. Where I can find everything without turning on the lights at night. These are the little things I never thought about before moving away from home. And now I appreciate them even more!

It’s not like I’ll be losing these things and moments when I move. I know I can always come back and enjoy the familiarity of my home. A new place means new opportunities. Exploring, getting used to the area, meeting new people and making new connections. It might take some time, but the new place also has the chance to become a familiar place that I can call home. At least that’s what I’m hoping for!

Love, Epi

Thanks for reading this far! Let me know what you appreciate about the place that you call home!